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Whether you have a parent who is aging, or a child who needs help with communication, I will accompany you with love, sensitivity, and a spirit of shared direction, all along your path. Nomi Kaston, Speech Language Pathologist 250-217-8123

Childhood Apraxia of Speech 

          Before the age of three, we can’t really know whether a child has Apraxia (motor planning disorder for speech, difficulty programming the sequence of intricate oral movement patterns that make up speech), or simply delayed speech and language development. When there is any hint of a motor planning component to the delay, you’ll see me playing house and giggling and blowing bubbles and singing action songs with your child. Here is what is happening behind all the fun:

1. Use of all the senses, beyond just hearing the words. We are at the mirror, watching our lips and tongue and the shape of our mouth. I am providing touch cues, on a puppet, on my own face, and on the child’s face, showing the shape of lips, rounded or open tall or smiling, the placement of tongue tip or back of tongue, and the direction of airflow, whether through mouth or nose. 

2. Picture Language. Along with each word I say, I may be holding a picture and a printed word, right beside my mouth. I am drawing the child’s attention to my mouth movements, and encouraging the child to imitate.

3. PECs, Picture Exchange Communication. (See The child is handing me a picture to make a request. 

4. Gestures, Baby Signing, Actions to Songs. I am pairing big movements with the fine movement that speaking requires.

5. Rhythm, melody, animal noise and car noises in songs. 

Speech Therapist Nomi Kaston in Victoria BC


Just found a lovely booklet teaching Marshall Rosenberg’s Compassionate Communication. I had been teaching Giraffe a Talk for years, and people of all ages relate to this gentle way of observing, expressing what we feel and what we need, and making a request.

Here is the booklet

What a wonderful joy, to spend my days seeing children learn to navigate the social world more easily, to read the thoughts, feelings, intentions and needs of another person by noticing the person’s words, tone of voice, body language and facial expression. We are all social detectives. Our tools are our own ears, eyes, heart and brain. Once a child begins to crack the code and read the social cues, amazing things happen. The therapy program for each child comes from my heart and from my decades of listening to families. And also from the fine Social Thinking © Curriculum which is described at

Speech Therapist in Victoria BC


Nomi Kaston, M.Sc., Speech Language Pathologist

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Here is a wonderful way to work on Kindness, Social Thinking, Theory of Mind, and being a good and decent person in this world. Often our children, teens and adults on the Autism Spectrum feel empathy, kindness and all around goodness, and just don’t know the road map for how to navigate the relationships, how to observe another person’s feelings, thoughts, needs and intentions. “Have You Filled A Bucket a Today?” provides a great beginning. 

Making Memory Books With Aging Adults


Contact us for workshops or individual sessions helping the children and caregivers of aging adults, or any individuals with memory loss, to create a beautiful scrapbook filled with memories of the people and times that have made their lives rich. We’ll show you how to use your memory book to help with
* memory retrieval strategies
* wordfinding
* communication skills
* a sense of joyful fulfillment in their life’s journey.

We’ll show you how to create

DIGITAL MEMORY books on the iPad or computer.
BEAUTIFUL SCRAPBOOKS which are easy for seniors to work with.

Please contact
Mette Lockwood 250-479-0644
Nomi Kaston 250-217-8123